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GC Game Previews


1.Full Game Previews

2. Screenshots and a small amount of information  

3. A list of Confirmed Games that don't have reviews

A GameCube Mini-DVD in comparison with a N64 Cartrige:










Saffire- A first person game where you play as the children of the Gods.

Stunt Driver- A new type of car racing game

Picasso- A game where you get to steal famous artworks

Zelda- If you can read the title, I'm sure you can guess!

Thornado- Similar to Metroid and the sequel to Turrican on SNES

Too Human- A cool looking new game for the Game Cube.

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Mario or Super Mario 128- A must game on any Nintendo system.

Luigi's Mansion- A game that seems to be based solely on Luigi

Waverace- A water game where you ride Jet Ski's

Pokemon: Meowth's Party- A Pokemon game with Meowth as the main character

(Nameless Game)- This game looks like Rainbow 6 and is by the same designers.

Random Screenshots- Some screenshots from a game(s) that I don't have any info on

Title Defence- A very good boxing game.

Mario Kart- A game that I'm sure you've all heard of on other Nintendo Systems.

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Dinosaur UbiSoft
Donald Duck UbiSoft
MLB Midway
NBA Hangtime Midway
NFL Blitz Midway
Online FPS Retro Studios
Robocop Titus
The Road to El Dorado     UbiSoft
VIP UbiSoft


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