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What is an Affiliate?: An affiliate is when you have another site that you can exchange links or buttons with on the MAIN PAGE or side bar  to increase both site's hits.

What type of sites am I looking to affiliate with?:  Any type of Nintendo or Next Generation console site, or even computer game sites.  Any Affiliates that you see that are not Nintendo, Next Gen Console or computer game sites are probably friends sites or sites that I like.

What is you're button?: You can either just put the image below on you're MAIN PAGE and link to it, or copy and paste this HTML code or have a text link, I don't mind.  Although that button is a little large at 36KB.

Link to this image:

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Pate this into your HTML (this and the above one linked to Dolphin Domain do the same thing)


Just do a text link to

OK, I'm ready and I want to become an affiliate:  Fill out the form below to become an affiliate.

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