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Comparison Chart

This is a chart comparing the Dolphin with all the other Next Generation Consoles:

TBA = Yet to be announced

Nintendo's Project Dolphin
Sega Dreamcast
Sony Playstation 2 Microsoft X-Box
CPU: 400 Megahertz, 0.18 micron, copper technology custom CPU which is being CO-designed with IBM 200 Megahertz, Hitachi-built SH4 RISC with 128-bit graphic engine 294.912 Megahertz, 0.18 micron, custom CPU which is complete and will be manufactured by Toshiba Intel P3 733MHz
Polygons a second:

"As fast as anything our friends at Sony have" Stated by:
Nintendo of America chairman Howard Lincoln

3 million
1 million with curved surfaces, fogging, and lighting
16 million with curved surfaces; 36 million with fogging; 38 million with lighting; 66 million raw polygons Around 100 million a second with all effects on
Storage Space:

Mini- DVD-ROM Will hold 1.6 gigabytes. (I think)

Proprietary GD-ROM which is a double density CD-ROM that holds a gigabyte of information. DVD-ROM which will hold 4.7 gigabytes. DVD-ROM
Modem Speed: Choice between Broadband and 56K. 56kbps (Upgradable) No Modem included. Must purchase modem separately. TBA
United States Release Date: October 2001 Already Out September of 2000 2001
Price (In United States dollars): 150 to 200 dollars 200 dollars 300 to 400 dollars around 300 dollars
Main Memory: TBA 24 Megabytes 32 Megabytes 64 megabytes
Memory Bus Bandwidth: 3.2 Gigabytes per second 800+ Megabytes per second 3.2 Gigabytes per second 6.4 Gigabytes a second
Graphics: 128 bit 3D graphics 128 bit 3D graphics 128 bit 3D graphics Nvidia NV-25 running at 300MHz 256 bit graphics pipeline
Able to play DVD movies: No No Yes TBA



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