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Sunday, 26th November 2000

Just thought I'd update....

There were a few little things that I had to change so I changed them and.....well that's all. 



Saturday, 25th November 2000

IGN were very controller close!

Back when this site was known as Dolphin Domain and we were awaiting Spaceworld 2000, IGN made a mock up controller for Nintendo's Next Gen System.  When the final controller was released by Nintendo, they found that they had not been too far off with theirs, but there were some differences.  Now they have been informed that they were spot on...Full Story


Developers want workers

Both Rare and Retro (two GameCube developers) have put up adds asking for people to help them develop their games.  Retro is said to be developing Metroid, whilst rare is making the sequel to Perfect Dark.  Both of these games are EXTREMELY popular so we can expect a lot of can apply for Metroid job's here and see the Perfect Dark poster here.




Friday, 24th November 2000

I'm back!!

Posted by the Webmaster

Well, I've finally decided to update again.  When I don't update I loose about 70% of my visitors so it's best for me to update at least 3 times a week, but in the last month I have been busy with my school exams and a lot of homework so i didn't update.


Another reason is that there was just no news that was more than "an interview with this person" and "an interview with that person" so I really didn't see the need to tell all you people that someone told us a few things we already knew and was hinting at something else but was not permitted by Nintendo to say it.


I have changed a few things on the site such as: The menus are now just big long things and are not separated, I have some new Affiliates, I have two new GameCube pages (Size Comparison and Accessories), a new logo and a new button, a few more top sites, I took away the poll cause of problems in Internet Explorer 5.0 and I have changed the way news updates look.


From now on I should be able to update more often....err except when I go overseas for 3 weeks beginning in about 2 weeks.....but after that I have like 6 weeks of holidays in which I can fix up the site.


Okay, that's all for this update.




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